How to update a safari browser

Every Web Browser makes available a separate alternative way of checking for updates, some of them are easy to locate inside the browser itself.
Within the ‘Help Menu’ of Firefox web browser lies the option of ‘Check for updates’, such option is also available within an Opera web browser and it is relatively easy to find. Google Chrome made it easier by downloading and installing the updates automatically.

How to update a safari browser

The question is, how do check for software updates if you are using an Apple’ Safari browser? The mechanism for safari web browser update is not seen as an option in the application on Windows platform. When the installation for safari web browser package was done it also included a feature called Apple Software Update, this feature provides a stress-free means to update Safari. There is no shortcut available for Apple Software Update program on windows. So get the application, navigate through to the directory that the .exe file is contained ‘C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update’. Open the Software Update.exe file, which automatically starts checking or scanning for newly available software.

Software Update window

Apple Software Update window shows once it completes the check for new available update. All updates of Apple software installed on the local PC are listed on the screen. Any newly available software that is not installed on the system is displayed below. To update safari web browser or any other Apple software installed, select the right check  boxes. As soon as selections are made. Click on the button ‘install’ which is at the bottom right corner of the application. The amount of items to be installed is displayed on the screen. The License Agreement window appears on the screen. You can choose to go through the information, but it is advisable to read through it to know and understand what you are installing on your PC. Click the ‘Yes’ button if the User Account Control (UAC) window pops up.

Another window displays showing the status or progress of the updates download. Once the download(s) is complete, the new updates or software are installed. After the installation is complete, a Pop-up window shows the installation progress. Click the ‘OK’ button to go back to the Apple Software Update Window. The program can be set to check for updates automatically and a notice is sent when new updates are available.

On the application, select Preferences on the top left corner under Edit menu, a dialog box shows 2 tabs schedule and installed updates, select the schedule tab and click on the radio button that suits how often the program should check for updates. By selecting the other tab, you can check if safari update has been included in the list of installed updates. Then select OK to close the window, and select the Quit button to close the entire Apple Software Update Window.

Safari browser

On all Mac OS X platforms, it is fairly easy to locate and update Safari with a feature called Software Update. This feature scans the PC and decides if there are any new available updates to be downloaded. The updates could be Quick time player or the entire system OS security updates and also the safari web browser update. Once the PC is connected, open the Software Update application by opening the Apple menu on the top left corner of the screen and click on software update.

A list will appear in a window on the screen showing the properties of the new updates available, select the preferred items (safari) to be installed on the PC by checking the checkboxes beside the name. Administrative privilege might be required for this installation to be done. After the process is complete, for some updates to be fully installed require a system reboot, a pop-up window showing options to either restart or shut down. After this is done the update is fully installed

How to update Safari

OS X automatically looks for updates

  1. OS X will regularly & automatically check for updates to Safari (and any other software you have installed via the App Store) and prompt you to install updates as they are found.
  2. It should prompt you in the top-right hand corner of the screen when updates are found.
  3. Screenshot showing OS X prompting that updates are available
  4. If you want to manually check for updates and install them, follow these steps:

Open Software Updates

  • Click the Apple menu icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Screenshot showing the App Store icon on the OS X Dock
  • The system menu will appear, click the “Software Update…” item.
  • Screenshot showing the App Store icon on the OS X Dock

This starts the App Store application and takes you to the “Updates” section.

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