Reason why Microsoft force updates

Older windows like 7 and 8.1 allow a user to stop or differ download of Windows updates.
There are so many loopholes, outdated software patches, errors or incompatibilities can be found in the code that comprises the Windows operating system which proves any software or operating system isn’t perfect. Windows updates are dispatched to PCs to be downloaded to fix the flaws and vulnerability in the system and other applications which can also come with additional features. These make Windows Update essential for the protection of PC and personal data.

System Protection from Malware or Spam ware Updates

The imperfection of a code makes it susceptible to attack by hackers, such flaws might not be found immediately but sooner or later the loophole will be found and exploited. Security problems or data breach are one of the worst potential vulnerabilities, as they may be manipulated by an unwanted software or malware to gain access and possibly harm the system. Example of a malware that exploited the system with older updates or OS is the Wanna Cry Ransomware, it made use of a flaw in the security of SMB ports in outdated Windows no longer supported by windows. In a short while, it was able to infect thousands of PCs based on the fact that they were no longer receiving an update. This ransomware hit Russia and India in an exceptionally hard way because Windows XP operating system is still in use in both countries. To protect yourself against such dangerous wares it is imperative that computers are kept update to date.

Fixes General Windows bugs and issues

Another kind of update deals with general Windows operating system bugs and issues to ensure a user has and pleasant and quality experience. These updates are non-critical but also impact the system

Additional Windows and software features

Microsoft introduces new additional features or software to the operating system through Windows updates, while some known flaws are fixed. Some goods examples are that of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer. After several reviews on the operating system Windows 8, Microsoft rolled out Windows 8.1 updates with improved qualities and better user experience and graphical interface. For outdated software, Microsoft will later stop to support it. If new flaws are eventually discovered it will be exploited by a malware or hacker. It is imperative that all users run on the current version of the software. It is highly recommended to run on the latest security and software updates to prevent malicious attacks from exploiting the loopholes in an outdated system.
Microsoft new policy on Windows update can into effect from Windows 10, in the operating system Windows 10’s Term and Conditions Automatic Update is enabled as part of safeguarding customers and corporate organizations secure, as Windows is delivered as a service. It does everything like installing bad or outdated drivers. There is no alternative to stop Windows 10 from reinstalling Some Windows 10 versions allow users differ Windows updates for a long while, note, this doesn’t affect update on security or accessing a new available windows feature.

Windows Update is just fineding for many who help fund the Windows business

The economics of the Windows business provides Other explanation for why Update Window has evolved the way it has. Every time we write about some issue with Windows Updates, we get a ton of reader comments sharing horror stories, and a few who say “what’s all the fuss, we manage our Computer systems, and set IT policies for everything. Works fine.” I think that is a clue to two majors reason Windows Update doesn’t get fixed for everyone else. First, most of Windows’ revenue comes from large enterprises — remember nearly everyone Windows Update else has gotten it for free and still can — so catering to their needs is the primary goal of the products.

Second, Microsoft itself is a heavily managed environment, so employees don’t have to live through the 4am “I’m about to reboot” warning beeps in their hotel room, or the lost work from Auto Updates, or likely even the endless reboot cycle when some updated driver can’t deal with legacy hardware System.

So an eras of arrogant thinking, a desire to push forward with a new strategy before its technology was ready, and the economics of selling Windows 10 to Enterprises while giving it away free to consumers have all helped create a serious headache around Windows Update. Its planned Creators Edition will provide a good look at whether Microsoft has been able to overcome those hurdles, and address what has become a major pain point for many of its users.

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