How to optimize space on your iphone

How to optimize space on your iphone

“Storage is full”, this phrase is a nightmare for all iPhone user, and the struggle to manage the phrase is very real. The probability that your iPhone is running out of storage is very high.

IPhone memory can’t be upgraded. You might choose to buy another device with higher storage, like the storage 64, 128 or 256 models, but this comes with a higher price tag which is not affordable by some.

There are some many things you can do to optimize your phone storage. There are so many reasons why iPhone storage is full; Applications, music or photos and videos are all culprits. With the iPhone photos and videos that are recorded with 4K resolution, the applications that sit idle on your device or songs that won’t get shuffled in a lifetime, these eat up space pretty fast which is always needed at a key moment.

This article will guide you through, and give you tips on how to manage your iPhone by getting the best out every megabyte.

1. Delete unused Apps: for all iPhone users, this is the best place to start your device optimization. Definitely, there are some applications you downloaded you accessed or used a few times and ditched. On the new IOS, it is quite easy to delete applications from the home screen: just tap and hold on to the application you want to delete till all the apps start to move about, with a sign ‘x’ at the top left corner of the application. This action signifies EDIT MODE, which allows the user to move an application to the home screen. Tapping the ‘x’ on the app allows you to delete it.
2. Stream music instead: downloaded music takes a large chunk of space on our iPhone And leave space for nothing else. By ditching iTunes and streaming music via some music network helps free up space.
This service is subjected to the internet, streaming in some areas doesn’t work because it requires a 4G or LTE network.
3. Delete old photos and videos: photos and videos are top culprits when we talk about iPhone storage, because we save photos which pile up over time into a large chunk, picture and video quality increase over time as newer version of iPhone emerge, the amount of space used to save high-quality images and 4K resolution videos is ever demanding. There are some could services you can subscribe to, to take away this burden. E.g. iCloud photo library, Google photos etc. To use iCloud photo library: you can enable this feature on your device, which will allow you free up the equivalent storage. But keep in mind that your iCloud storage must be enough to accommodate the photos. Go to setting-Photos& camera-turn on iCloud photo libraryoptimize iPhone storage.
4. Clear out old message threads: you will be amazed to see the amount of storage iMessage and the default messaging app threads take. If you don’t clear them out from time to time. You can clear them one by one or set it to clear out after 30 days.
5. Clear your web browsing data: browsers like Safari, Google Chrome or opera store browsing history, cookies& site data, saved passwords and auto fill data, all of these are designed to speed up performance. It is important to clear them out from time to time to save space

How to free up more space on your iPhone to take photos

If you have a 16GB or 32GB iPhone, turning on iCloud Photo Library might not be enough — you may need to do some more sprucing on your iPhone to make your Camera happy. Here are a few tips I’ve found that work well to quickly clear up space.

1. See what’s taking up space
Not sure what’s clogging up room on your iPhone? You can check your available space at any time by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

2. Delete apps
From the storage management section, you can see exactly what apps are hogging your iPhone or iPad’s available space — and, if you want to, delete them right then and there by tapping on the app and pressing Delete App. Be warned, however, that if you delete certain apps, you may delete any saved or stored data, as well.

3. Prune your Messages
By default, the Messages app saves all the gifs, stickers, videos, and other multimedia you share with your friends directly to your device: To get rid of it, you have to manually delete threads from the Messages app. 
But you can prevent clogging from happening in the future: In Settings > Messages, you can reduce the largesse of your messages files by changing how long you Keep Messages (30 days, a year, or forever) and by turning on Low Quality Image Mode, which automatically reduces the file size of potentially gigantic gifs and other photos.

4. Prune your Music
If you don’t use Apple Music (or even if you do but have songs saved offline), your local music library can quickly overwhelm your iPhone. To keep your Adele songs from choking your selfie game, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Music, then swipe left on any artist entry you wish to delete.

And if you have an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription, you can further reduce your storage costs by turning on Optimize Storage in Settings > Music.

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