How to install two os on one computer

How to install two os on one computer

A computer by default comes with a single operating system; on a single computer you can have multiple operating systems, having to choose between both operating systems to boot is known as dual booting.

You can install windows 7 or 8.1 alongside Windows 10 or vice versa, have both Linux and windows on the same PC, or install either Windows or Linux on a Mac PC (multi-OS). Installing more than one OS is quite easy if you use the available software and technology to make the job fast and easy. You can install multiple OS on a computer without the help of third-party software.

There are a number of reasons why a computer user (novice or geek):

Testing new OS: it allows users to test a new operating system when a new OS is released, it is highly probable that it would have bugs and compatibility issues with software and hardware. Not to compromise the present system configuration it is necessary to install more than on the existing with the new OS. Most computer engineers and network administrators find this very helpful to test deployment of a new operating system.

Application compatibility and Testing: there are some many applications that are not compatible with the default OS of a computer, dual boot allow such application to be separately installed, to ensure everything works fine on two different environments.

Multiple Users: the ideal approach to multiple users on a single computer, sometimes computer have to be shared with family members or colleagues at work, and some data are sensitive or as to be protected from the virus.

There are some recommended software solutions for 3 major kinds of OS. Oracle’s Virtual box is strongly advised for windows users and Windows Virtual PC is a solution designed by Microsoft.

For Mac user, the parallel is a third party solution that allows users to run windows software. On Linux, an application called WINE allows a user to install windows apps on Linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X.

Following this walk through would show you how to install windows 8 on a windows 7 computer. Firstly you need to create an image backup, using windows tools or other third-party solutions. Once the backup Is complete. Create a new partition on the physical drive, it is advisable you create 20GB of hard disk space or higher to contain the new OS.

install two os on one computer

Once the new partition is prepared, insert your DVD or flash disk from which the Windows 8 is to be booted from. An installation wizard appears to ensure you select the option ‘custom: install windows only (advanced)’. Select the partition you just created which is where the new windows. These selections will take effect and you will be able to select which OS to boot.

Here are the steps to follow to install windows on a Mac using Boot camp

  • The ideal thing to do is to on every system before this process is to backup. A boot camp assistant app as default comes with a Mac PC, the app can be accessed by pressing “command + space”, and then type ‘boot camp’ then press ENTER.
  • The assistant will show you how to partition, download drivers and starting the setup wizard. Click continue, an ISO file will be requested and the size of the windows partition. It varies based on
    how large the windows OS is expected.
  • Click ‘install’, boot camp start downloading the necessary drivers which are called windows support software. This install will partition the hard drive; it keeps a copy of the installer on the new partition. And initiate the drivers to run after the installation is complete.
  • After a system reboot is done, a standard windows installer appears on the screen Select the partition boot camp if required.
    Follow the process to complete the setup.
    To load the newly installed windows, turn on the computer while holding the option key, select the
    partition to boot from.

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