How to fix windows error Recovery


Windows error recovery occurs when a windows software is unable to start normally, a dialog sign pops-up on the screen indicating that your windows device requires urgent attention and repairs.

Windows installation disc and Windows repair disc are some major tools used to fix the error. Some other causes of Windows error recovery are when a system is not properly shut down or when an upgrade goes

Some of the available repair tools are listed below

  1. System Restore:- Windows error recovery can easily be restored using system restore. Most times a widows device malfunctions due to an improper driver update, hardware upgrade or software installation. All these can easily be fixed using system restore. The procedure starts by selecting closest date before the error on the system restore interface, scan the drivers and programs within the date range, the system restore identifies and remove affected programs thereby making your computer fully functional again
  2. Safe Mode :- Sometimes Windows experience video problem or shutting down issues due to a malfunctioning video card or a startup program that is faulty, to know if it is the driver that caused the malfunction, navigate to “safe mode”. Click “safe mode” with command prompt to boot windows to prompts with very few drivers and services. Device drivers can either be disabled or updated by opening device manager. You can also use MSConfig to disable program running in the device manager before restarting the computer, with this your system is back to life.
  3. Using MSConfig :- Most programs and some window versions will not run in safe mode, therefore it is advisable to know which program run on safe mode and which program doesn’t. Identify the program that causes the device to either overhead or malfunction, Run Msconfig this will eventually disable all faulty programs in the device manager.
    Run MSConfig
    Select “Selective Startup” location in the system
    Uncheck and clear “Load startup” box
     Click on “Services”
     Uncheck “Hide all Microsoft services” box
     Select “Disable All”
     Click”Apply”,”Ok” and restart your system
  4. The next thing is to do is allow your system to start, check if an installed startup application is causing problems. To verify this, enable the start-up service and then uninstall. If you install the start-up application and your systems work perfectly, restart and set-up MSConfig then select “Normal Startup” on the General tab.Click on Startup tab and disable all startup items you’re not comfortable with, Reboot your computer and the system will start normally, one of the disabled items is the cause of the windows error recovery.
  5. Automatic Startup :- This option should be applied if Windows is unable to start due to damaged files. Automatic startup should be adapted to run scans on your Computer drive for problems and eventually fix this problem
  6. Disable Automatic Restart  :- When you notice a system failure, you can make use of this method to start your system during and/or after startup. While applying this open and it happens that you notice a “Stop” error, the error will remain stagnant until you restart your system.

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