Most of the calls that we receive on our support line are from customers that experience slow computing problems. When you buy a computer it works blazing fast but as time goes by the computer becomes slow. Most of the customers say that they have an updated antivirus and don’t have a lot of additional applications on the computer, But still they found slow computer.

There are multiple reasons for a computer to be slow. Let us share the top ways to make your computer fast.

Slow Computer Fix No 1

Even if you are not downloading a lot of software but whenever you start your computer then it creates logs. These are the files that get automatically stored on the hard drive of your computer. These log files and registry entries can create a lot of clutter on the hard drive. The more your hard drive is filled the less speed it will offer. We strongly recommend all of our customers to clean up their storage device on regular basis. There are multiple applications available on the Internet that will help you to easily remove the unwanted log files and registry entries from your computer.

Slow Computer Fix No 2

The second most common reason for a slow computer is downloading potentially unwanted applications. While surfing the Internet we download many applications but sometimes with these applications we also download a lot of potentially unwanted applications(PUA). These software scripts throw multiple pop-ups on your computer screen and can also freeze the computer. High-end Antivirus scans these applications and gives you notifications whenever any of these malicious scripts appear on the hard drive.

Slow Computer Fix No 3

The third most common reason for a computer to be slow is the operating system not being updated to the latest version or patches. It is extremely important for you to update your operating system on regular basis. Windows 10 is one of the most popular OS at this point in time. Many customers face problems when it comes to upgrading or updating to Windows 10. you need to make sure that all the drivers and the system files are updated to the latest settings. Your system gets the latest security patches from the servers. If you are using some Pirated software then this software can disable the automatic update on your computer. Once the automatic update is disabled then your computer is at the maximum risk and can become a honeycomb for viruses and malware.

In most of the cases, we can make your computer very fast after the tune-up activities. In some cases, we may have to reinstall Windows or your operating system. Our team will security backup all of the available data on the hard drive and then reinstall the operating system. Once your computer is running fine with the latest operating system then our team will securely paste your data back into your internal storage device.

A regular tune up will help you to improve your computer performance. High performing computers can definitely make a great impact on your professional productivity. You will be spending less time and we’ll be doing more work. In other words you will be making more money by spending less time.

Couple of things which you must keep in mind when you are scanning your computer. Check if there are additional add-ons on the web browsers. Most of these add-ons are unnecessary. These add-ons may change the homepage on your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. It may be difficult for you to change the homepage back to the original settings if you are not very technically skilled. You should also look at the startup items. If your computer has a lot of startup items then your startup time frame will increase and your computer will always be slow. The best performing computers have the least amount of startup applications. Disable all unwanted startup applications and only keep those applications active which are extremely important.

The best slow computer fix is to check the hardware with the latest standards. Understand that if your computer is very old and your operating system is latest then they will not be able to work together efficiently.  Upgrade the hardware of your computer. Most of the times the processor, Ram and the hard disk upgrade a recommended. The generation of the microprocessor changes with the architecture of the motherboard. There used to be microprocessors with multiple pins but these days most of the processes do not have pointed pins. This is why most of the old computers cannot be upgraded with the latest micro-processes.

One more way of making your computer work fast is to put a Startup password or syskey. The startup password will help you to prevent any unknown individual from accessing your computers physically and also remotely. The startup password also prevents unwanted startup programs to be installed automatically. Most of the hackers prefer to embed a startup program that activates immediately when you switch on your computer.  Unwanted startup programs can make your computer extremely slow. Apart from making your computer slow they also fill the drive space with a huge amount of temporary files. Computers work by using the resources that are available on the hardware platform and the software operating system. These unwanted startup programs utilize these resources to a huge extent and as a result, most of the genuine programs do not work properly.

Using a good Antivirus program is extremely important.  A good antivirus program will protect your computer from viruses, malware, hackers, phishing attacks and Crypto lockers. Most of the antivirus programs also offer plugins for securing the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Performing a regular scan of your computer for unwanted applications can help you in fixing a slow computer and also extend the life of your computer for a very long time.

You should always think twice before downloading plugins from the Internet.  These plugins are created to through pop up ads on your computing device.

To experience faster computing we also advise our customers to use the solid-state drive. The data transfer rate in a solid state drive is a lot faster than any other IDE  or SATA interface drives. The solid-state drives use semiconductors for fast data transfer and storage.

You can also use external storage devices to free space on your hard drive. Many pocket drives are available these days and some people also use a pen drive or thumb drives. These drives help you to store the data and also back it up for future usage.

To see if there any unwanted applications running on your computer you can access the task manager. Task manager shows you all the running applications and gives you the ability to end the task or the process.After the unwanted application are removed the computer runs fast.

Feel free to contact us in case if you want us to offer a slow computer fix to you. You will never need any other technical support company.

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