One of the most common questions that we get from our customers on the support line is My computer has slowed down how do I fix it?

We all feel happy when we buy a new computer. it works fast and it gives a great computing experience. As time goes by the computer starts to slow down. Sometimes the slowdown is because of heavy downloads. Sometimes the reason for a slow down of your computer may be a huge number of applications. They may be using a massive amount of the available hardware and software resources.

we would like to touch up on all the possible factors that may be causing your computer to slow down.

My computer has slowed down how do I fix it.

Reason 1. Old Hardware and Software.

If your computer is very old then the chances are that the hardware is not compatible with the latest software applications. in most of the cases upgrading the hardware will solve this problem.

Sometimes it may be difficult to upgrade the hardware if the generation of hardware has changed a lot. they used to be a time when the processes had pinned configuration that means the pens appointed. nowadays most of the processes don’t have pain and they are painless. if your motherboard is manufacturers in a way that it can only accept the paint processes then you will probably not be able to add a new generation processor on the same. it might be a good idea to replace your computer. you may also need to look at the available Ram resources. Ram or Random Access Memory plays a critical role in the speed of your computer. depending upon the type of processor used you can check the highest level of RAM that can be embedded on the motherboard. if there are lots available try to upgrade the Ram and try to add additional Ram to the more slots. sometimes adding new RAM with higher capabilities give an immediate boost to your computer.

Reason 2.

No Space on the Hard Drive

you need to check if the hard disc of your computer has got enough space. the most common reason for the hard drive to be filled is downloading movies and songs from the Internet. these days the hard drive capacities range from 500gb to multiple terabytes. for a normal home user, it is not possible to fill a terabyte capacity hard disc by only writing applications and documents. most of the time these huge hard discs are filled with movies and songs. try to remove all those unwanted movies and songs from your computer. once your hard drive has got enough space this should certainly give you a better computing experience.

Reason 3.

Unwanted and unused applications are setting in your computer

one of the most common reason for your computer to Slow Down is that them any unwanted applications installed. we install the application and we probably don’t use them. but understand this that application is automatically eating resources from processor motherboard Ram and hard disc. there is a capacity of the inter hardware configuration. you need to use it wisely. we strongly recommend you to remove all unwanted applications. if you have the license key available try to remove those applications which we never used. you meri install these applications whenever you want them. there’s no point in keeping an application that eats up 10 GB of space on your computer and you probably never use that application in the last 5 years.

Reason 4.

Lot of registry errors on your computer

whenever you install or uninstall any application on your computer. there lot of registry settings that a manipulate it. you need to manually look at the registry settings and remove them. when you uninstall application it also leaves or sends files and folders. Try to remove this often files and folders and you will CS immediate boost in the speed of your computer.

My computer has slowed down how do i fix it

Reason 5.

check if the add-ons on your web browsers are overcrowded

most of the times we download add-ons from the Internet and it works the very same way as applications. we may or may not use these add-ons anytime. only keep those which you regularly used. these add-ons are the main reason for the Slowdown in your web browsers. we strongly recommend you to download add-ons from the Google extension store that is available in the settings tab of your Google Chrome browser. you can also download the right side of add-ons from the Mozilla Firefox plugin section. Once you fix all the above elements then you will call us for anything else but not for this question My computer has slowed down how do I fix it.

You should also check the homepage setting and you must remove all unwanted popup applications

the lighter your computer the fastest work.

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