How To Change Homepage on mac ?

One of the most common questions that our customers ask when they call our support number is. How to change homepage on Mac. In the United States of America most of the people use Mac computers.
They use it because it’s fast and easy to use . the reason why people prefer matters because it offers very simple ways to use the computer. Mac also delivers wonderful colour quality and is a secure system. Since Mac has a UNIX architecture most of the viruses do not attack these systems.

Sometimes while Surfing the Internet users download few add ons. these add-ons may be genuine but sometimes few of them can be unwanted add ons. These unwanted add ons have got their own motives. Most of the times the hidden agenda is to throw unwanted advertisements on your Mac computer. These advertisements can be annoying and nobody likes those. popups appear on the home page or anywhere on the Mac computer and every one hates them.

Sometimes these add-ons also manipulate the homepage settings on Mac computers. Once the homepage is changed it becomes very difficult for the user to use the web browser. we all know the Safari is a fast browser but we all are attached to our home page. sometimes changing the homepage back to the original settings can be very challenging. This is because there are many add ons which are working in the background and they dont allow you to modify settings. These addons are generally bundled with the free softwares that are download it from the Internet.

we suggest you to only download applications from quality websites.

If you want to clean your system, you have to do only one thing. You need to download & run the free anti-malware for mac browser from malwarebytes. Advertising-supported software will change your homepage on browser, which you can fix it. So here’s the means by which to change your homepage on the Mac if you’ve happened to get some baddies on your system!

If you want to know How To Change Homepage on mac then follow the below mentioned instructions.


  • access the Safari settings
  • in the settings change the startup page
  • save settings and exit
  • you may need to restart your Mac computer
  • once your Mac is restarted check Safari
  • if the Safari browser shows you the homepage with you wanted then the settings have been updated.


Fixing the web browser is the first part of Slow computer Fix techniques. You should also remove popups from your computer to make it work fast.

In case if you still see the wrong home page. You may need to find a technician who can support you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you in changing the homepage on Mac.

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