Our Service Delivery model is very simple and easy to understand.
we do a lot of Search Engine Optimisation activities and generate lot of traffic from the Internet. when people search the Internet to find solution to the problem they find our website because we rank high.

what’s the customer calls us our technicians understand the issue and offers the resolution with the pricing and the time frame.

depending upon the preference of the customer we fix an appointment and also are ok for negotiation on the pricing.

once we are in agreement with the customer we start the troubleshooting by remotely accessing customers computer by using different remote access to.

we cannot access the customers computer without getting an authorisation from the customer.

once we get the authorisation our technician looks at the issue and starts working on the fixation. most of the cases fixation will happen within a span of 1 hour. in case if it is going to take more time educate the customer about additional timeframe requirements.

what’s the customer satisfied we request him to send a confirmation email to us. we accept all major chords and a check for payment processing

Almost tech brands and service providers give free access to a rich library of technical support solutions to users. These are huge databases of step-by-step solutions, however if you visit the support sites for big brands the solutions are more often for their products alone. Another method of getting technical support that’s gained popularity is to follow troubleshooting steps shown in a support video.