Computer Maintenance

We work with companies and users and help them to maintain the computer system in perfect standing. Our team is well-equipped to handle small computing issues two larger network issues. We take extreme care of handling every issue as quickly as possible. Proper documentation is made while performing every manipulation or modification on the system. This documentation helps us to understand the history of Technical tweaking. This pretty much works as a doctor’s prescription where the history plays a very critical role.

Maintaining computer system can be a very difficult ask if not done properly. The system administrator needs to make sure that the correct set of rights are given to the right side of users. A simple user should not be given the admin rights. The passwords and admin username should not be easy to guess. Most of the system administrators create difficult usernames and passwords. They do it because they know that the user name and the password is the first line of Defence. Many hackers try to intrude the system by using brute force attack. These kinds of attacks involve trying hundreds and thousands of different password combinations to find the one that works.

System administrator should also use extreme caution in choosing the right hardware for the network. One should never compromise on the quality of the hardware. Cheap hardware may not be able to give quality service deliver. System Administrator must take regular backups that helps them at the time of data losses. These backups can be done on removable drives and also on tape drives.

Networking is a critical element in business computer setup. Proper diagram should be created before deploying the cables. Network administrators should offer latency to the users. This can be done by deploying one additional Line or cable to every terminal.

The IO or input output panel must have latency. This latency helps in case 1 cable stops working

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